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Community and Regional Planning

Community & Regional Planning

Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Planning and Design (BAEPD)

The BA in Environmental Planning and Design (BAEPD) teaches knowledge, tools and skills to advance social and environmental justice. In the face of complex challenges, communities ask what is to be done? The critical challenge is how to collectively envision and work towards sustainable futures. The BAEPD major emphasizes creative way to influence and respond to dynamic changes occurring in communities throughout the world.

The BAEPD curriculum focuses on social action grounded in community-based knowledge and values, alongside knowledge of the built and natural environments, with the goal of creating vital communities, vibrant economies and resilient places. In the American Southwest, people have adapted to arid conditions for thousands of years. Exploring different cultural perspectives and complex social histories are vital for current and future survival. These lessons can be applied in and beyond this region.

The BAEPD links theory and action with courses that include discussion seminars, field experiences in natural environments and communities, and rich practical learning. BAEPD majors learn to think across scale, explore how global processes touch down locally, and investigate how local action can influence global change. It includes global comparative frameworks that put places around the world in conversation with one another, offering ways to draw insight from diverse experiences to contribute to social transformation and placemaking.

BAEPD graduates work in tribal, local, state, regional, national and international public agencies, community-based organizations, U.S. based and international NGOs, community development foundations, and planning and design firms.

BAEPD majors who intend to pursue a graduate planning degree may apply to the shared credit BAEPD/MCRP program in their senior year.  

For information about the BAEPD curriculum and the shared credit program, click here

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Undergraduate Minor

The program offers an undergraduate minor in Community & Regional Planning. CRP courses focus on the intersections of people with the natural and built environments with the intent of effecting positive change. Students in the CRP minor will enhance their ability to engage with planning and social change from a community-based perspective.

Application for a Minor in Community & Regional Planning

BAEPD and Undergraduate Minor curriculum