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Community & Regional Planning

Graduate Employment

Graduate Student Assistantships 

The CRP Department offers the following assistantships:

  • Project Assistantships – Project Assistants work for 10 hours of work per week for a faculty member. To apply as an incoming student, submit an Assistantship Application along with the application to the MCRP program. Continuing students submit materials to the CRP Administrative Assistant in George Pearl Hall room 119.

  • Graduate Assistantships – Graduate Assistants work for 10 to 20 hours with different assigned projects. GA positions will be announced on the MCRP listserv

  • Research Assistantships – Research Assistants work for 10 to 20 hours on research projects. RA positions will be announced in classes and distributed through the MCRP listserv.
  • Teaching Assistantships – Teaching Assistants provide assistance to faculty members for large undergraduate classes or are instructors for lower division undergraduate courses. TA positions are circulated through the MCRP listserv. New admits with relevant experience will be contacted to apply for positions available in their first fall semester.

For detailed information about assistantships, including student health insurance coverage, eligibility, and policy for the administration of assistantships, please visit the UNM Office of Graduate Studies Assistantships homepage.

Non-NM residents will be granted the non-resident tuition waiver and will pay resident tuition rates during the semester(s) they hold an assistantship.

Prospective graduate students should submit the Assistantship Application with the MCRP Application. 

UNM Jobs System

Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply for jobs on campus through the UNM Jobs System. To do so, create an application here. You also may access this link by clicking on "Job Seekers" on the UNM Homepage. Once you have created a UNM Jobs Employment Application and saved it, you may apply for available positions in the School of Architecture + Planning or elsewhere on campus.